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Happy weekend, everyone! As some of you may have noticed lately on my Instagram, I’ve been reaching for the color blush quite often. Fall colors have never really appealed to me (except for royal blue and burgundy), and with the unseasonably warm weather this year, my wardrobe seemed to have skipped straight to spring palettes 🙂 I recently came across this beautiful pink trench coat from Petite Studio and absolutely fell in love with it! Petite Studio is the only NYC-based online womenswear for, of, and by petite girls. It’s a relatively new brand and I adore their entire collection – they focus on a few key pieces at a time, but all of them are classic, clean, and extremely buildable. For someone who often has to consider clothing suitable for both work and personal, I find Petite Studio’s selection highly versatile. I can’t wait to wear this trench again come springtime!

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Happy new week, guys! You all know about my affinity for luxury handbags – clothing and accessories come and go, but bags and shoes are two things I’m willing to invest in. A classic high-end piece not only spices up your closet, but if well taken care of, it will pay itself off over time. Of course, unless money is not an issue for you (clearly NOT the case here or I would be writing this post from a private jet instead of my couch 🙂 ), designer handbags can get very expensive. If you are lusting over last season’s Celine or Gucci but don’t want to pay full price, I’d highly recommend checking out pre-owned pieces from reliable marketplaces. These days a lot of pre-loved pieces are good as new, sometimes actually brand new, but at a much more reasonable price point.

Take this gorgeous discounted Saint Laurent Sac De Jour from Trendlee for example. I had been considering this bag for quite some time now. Its sleek design is perfect for the office and I simply can’t take my eyes off of the beautiful raspberry red shade. The quality is so pristine it’s almost brand new. The price? 40% off retail!

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Happy October, guys! I had promised you a travel guide on some of the Spanish cities we visited last month, and here’s the first one – Palma, Mallorca! Although half of our time there was spent attending friends’ wedding, we still had a ton of fun roaming around the vibrant capital of Mallorca. I can’t wait to return again to explore the rest of this gorgeous Mediterranean island. In the meantime, here are some highlights from our Palma experience. I hope these will be helpful to those planning a visit there!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! Can’t believe it’s already mid-September. In my previous post I mentioned that we were on our way to Spain for a 10-day vacation + wedding. I hope you had enjoyed following along our adventure on Instagram and Snapchat! It was a very eventful and inspirational trip as we visited Barcelona, San Sebastián and Mallorca. Once all the craziness surrounding NYFW dies down, I will be sure to share a travel guide on each city with you 🙂

You all know how I feel about the end of yet another summer – insert images of me kicking & screaming like a spoiled little sh*t because deep down I really don’t want summer to go – I’m not a big fan of fall, and a even lesser one of winter. Warm weather is generally my thing unless it was like the blistering heat that hit NY last week. Running around the city in what feels like 100+ degrees oven was certainly no fun. Nonetheless, I wanted to share one of my favorite late summer looks from the trip. I wore this Zara embroidered checked top while sightseeing in Mallorca. Thank to Gucci, embroidered pieces are the hottest thing this season and I’m a huge fan. I also love that the fun sleeves trend continues to persist (remember this sleeves post I published earlier this year).

For the office I’d pair it with navy pants like these (or these, these) or a black pencil skirt. Let me know if you’d want to see how to pair this for the cooler weather! 🙂

When In Doubt Blog - Zara Embroidered Checked Top 1

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Happy Hump Day, guys! We’re currently on the plane heading to Spain as I type out this post. We’re primarily going for a friend’s wedding in Mallorca, but I couldn’t let the opportunity of turning this into a nice little vacation pass. Our destinations for the next 11 days include Barcelona, San Sebastian, and of course the beautiful Mallorca. Be sure to follow along our adventures on my Snapchat and Instagram!

Many of you know I recently got a new hair do. Nothing fancy or dramatic, as I admittedly am very low maintenance when it comes to hair. I wash and blow dry it straight every single day, spending no more than 10 mins total on my mane. I do, however, once in a blue moon get bored of my long straight hair and have this burning desire to “switch things up”. That’s why when David Benjamin‘s publicist reached out with a complimentary cut, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. The end result, as you’ll see below, wasn’t wildly transformational, but David was able to remove my dead locks and inject life into my hair again.

With over 15 years of experience and features in publications like ELLE, InStyle, and Vanity Fair, David was a total dream to work with. He’s styled numerous clients during NYFW and award seasons, and has done beautiful work on prominent celebrity names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Demi Moore. However, not once throughout the process did David make me feel any less as a client. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He not only listened to my needs, tended to my every question, and most importantly taught me a few at-home tricks on how to give my hair the volume I always look for. David made me feel very comfortable, confident, and completely in love with my new hair.

It’s been about three weeks now since the cut and my hair is growing out beautifully. I intend on growing it for a few more months, but am certain that I will return to David soon for my next treatment!

Before & After

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